Boost your building’s
curb appeal with a fresh coat of paint.

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Is your building showing its age?

Your outdated, ugly exterior may be costing you...

big time .

Does your building have:

outdated color?

fading paint?

Unsightly, off-putting stains?

Or all three?

When a building

doesn't look good...

Tenants don’t want
to rent space in it

Buyers don’t want
to purchase it

Investors don’t want
to put capital into it

Banks don’t want to
approve loans for it

Increase your property value and attract the attention your property deserves with a fresh coat of exterior paint.

Not all people are painters.
And not all painters are exterior paint experts

We don’t slap on a few coats and call it a day.

Exterior paint is not interior paint: the painting process is more complex.
We need to make sure we’re using the right paint on the right surface — and that your surface is ready to be painted altogether.


Paint that is applied correctly, to its intended surface, lasts a very long time.
Our comprehensive process ensures a quality application with the right type of paint, so your building looks great for years.


Unlike interior paints, exterior paints are formulated to withstand the elements and protect against weather-related damage. For example, elastomeric paint is a specialty exterior paint that expands and contracts with temperature (instead than cracking).
Because we’re well-versed in the unique chemistries of exterior paints — and which one works with which materials — we know exactly the type of paint your building needs. So you get a fresh, updated look that covers unsightly areas — and you save money on repairs too.


with our custom exterior painting, you’ll get:


A full exterior walkthrough with our experienced team

So you’re aware of any facade problems that could affect your paint job


Sophisticated color matching by an exterior paint expert

So you get exactly the color you need (and can easily get more of it in the future)


Paint that includes waterproofing protection,
if needed

So water doesn’t get through your facade and damage your building.

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Do I need exterior painting?

Absolutely, if you want to give your building a fresh, new look.

Especially if your building has any of these:

Peeling or cracked paint

Faded paint

Outdated facade color

Stained facade

Faded stucco facade

Compromised finished coating of EIFS

Expert-matched paint

Different types of paints work better depending on your facade’s composition.
If you use the wrong kind, the paint may not adhere properly.

That’s why we send a paint expert to your site . They’ll assess the building
composition and recommend the ideal paint.

We’ve painted the buildings of dozens of happy owners.

Just take at look at some before/afters photos of our work ››


"Royal Treatment dealt with all the issues and tenants"

We were eager to get one of our properties’ curb appeal enhanced. We were referred to Royal Treatment to paint the whole building – we knew going into the project it would be challenging because it was a large job, however from the initial phone call to the final execution Royal Treatment dealt with all the issues and tenants. We have used them ever since on our other properties. We would highly recommend them for their services and ease of of project management.


Stonelock Properties

“Now that’s
a nice building”

What do you want people saying — or thinking — about your property?

Paint can dramatically improve any building facade. We’ll make your building look new with expertly applied exterior paint.

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