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Is water intrusion causing your building
to deteriorate?

water damaged leaking ceiling

Water, water everywhere That’s the nightmare of every building owner.

Your building’s facade is designed to keep water out.
But over time, it can wear out...and let water in.


Faulty caulking

Porous bricks

Cracked mortar

Rusted lintels

Structural holes

When water gets somewhere it shouldn’t, it looks bad.

But what’s under the surface can be even worse.

Water intrusion can lead to:

Proliferation of dangerous
— and exorbitant
remediation costs

Costly damage to your
— and structural risk

Loss of rent from angry
— and a steep
drop in building value.

If you have any leaking issues, you need to fix them as soon as possible.

Before the water intrusion gets even worse...and costs even more to fix.

That’s where we come in.

Don’t let seepage drain your profit

When we waterproof your building, we protect its structural integrity — so water stays out…
and your building stays dry and mold-free.

Pinpointing the source

We examine your building’s structure, inside and out, to determine the exact location of your water issue. So you only fix what’s actually broken — and you save money.

Prevention of further intrusion

You’ll get our highly detailed report, complete with pictures & video, outlining compromised areas of your facade. So you’re aware of any potential water issues — and empowered to prevent them.

Sealing the surface

No facade is ever completely hole-free, especially on older or more compromised buildings. If water penetrates your facade, it can cause internal damage. To repel water and prevent further intrusion, we apply specialized topical sealers that migrate into the surface, protecting both exterior and interior from water damage.

Wrong sealant? Bigger problem

Knowing which water repellant or sealant to use is critical. If the wrong formulation is used, you risk trapping water within the facade itself — which leads to a host of troublesome water issues. That’s why you need experts like us waterproofing your facade.


"Good at what they do -- and easy to deal with"

From the initial phone call, the professionalism and dedication of the Royal Treatment team was
apparent. Every treatment they performed for us was exactly as promised each time. We’ve dealt with
many vendors over the years. I wish more of them were as good at what they do and as easy to deal with
as the folks at Royal Treatment. Our experience could not have been better!”


Shelbourne, Global Solutions LLC.

Do I need waterproofing & caulking?

Yes — if your tenants threatening to withhold rent due to water issues.
Or if your building is experiencing any of the following:

Existing leaks or seepage areas

Yellow or brown stains on the ceiling

Black or white spots (AKA mold)

Dampness or mustiness

Peeling caulk or caulk that’s missing altogether

Dripping or leaking sounds


We’re really good at diagnosing the leak source and pinpointing where water is getting in.
But don’t take our word for it.

You’ll get hard evidence, in the form of:



Drone Footage


Leaking often occurs in areas hidden from your immediate view, like behind walls or under tiles. So even though it’s a small leak
now, it’s only going to get (much) worse.
You may be lucky. Water might not have penetrated….YET.
But your luck will probably run out, and water will come in, eventually.
And then it will cost even more ( in repairs, property damage, and loss of rent or business) than if you fix it now.

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Stop water in its tracks


leads to


which leads to



We’ll keep your building dry and airtight — and your property investment safe and sound.

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