Attract more
tenants & residents with a pristine facade

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Is your rundown facade letting water in?

Does your building have:

Loose or missing bricks?

Worn down EIFS & stucco?

Rusted lintels?

When your facade has deteriorated,

your building is:

NOT attractive
— so you struggle with
chronic tenant turnover

NOT watertight
— so you deal with
constant leaks and mold

NOT a safe place
— so you risk lawsuits
and a drop in property value.

Stop losing money because your building doesn’t look good.

Keep water out — and profit in — with facade repairs.

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Say no to band-aid fixes
Get facade repairs that go below the surface

When a building’s exterior has wear-and-tear — like crumbling mortar, dislodged stone,
or holes in stucco — water can penetrate and cause damage.

We specialize in facade repairs that

A) treat existing water intrusion

B) prevent future water damage through carefully selected water repellents.

So you get a dry, watertight building that looks like it was meant to look.


We don’t just put back fallen bricks or patch holes.

First, we assess whether the damage was due to an underlying water issue, and resolve that. Then we repair the facade and make the whole building look beautiful.
So you get a property that’s functional and intact, inside and out.


No facade is ever completely hole-free, especially in older or more compromised buildings. To repel water and prevent further intrusion, we apply specialized topical sealers that migrate into the surface, protecting both exterior and interior from water damage.

Which water repellant or sealant to use is critical. Use the wrong type for your surface, and you risk trapping water within the facade itself — which leads to a host of troublesome water issues. That’s why you need experts like us waterproofing your facade.


A surface fix seems cheaper — at first. But if you don’t resolve the underlying leak or structural issue, the same problem will recur, again and again — leading to more damage and repairs.

Since we take care of the underlying problem, the repair lasts much longer — and saves you money.

Do I need facade repairs?

Yes, if your building has structural damage related to water intrusion.

Especially if you need to repair:

Porous brick

Structural holes

Deteriorated stucco/EIFS

Rusted Lintels

Cracked Mortar

Faulty caulking


"Good at what they do -- and easy to deal with"

From the initial phone call, the professionalism and dedication of the Royal Treatment team was apparent. Every treatment they performed for us was exactly as promised each time. We’ve dealt with many vendors over the years. I wish more of them were as good at what they do and as easy to deal with as the folks at Royal Treatment. Our experience could not have been better!”


Shelbourne, Global Solutions LLC.

Get a beautiful
building +
peace of mind

For a property owner, nothing is more nerve-racking than

Water leaking through cracks & gaps in the exterior

Hazardous mold growing in corners and under floors

Tenants and residents complaining about water issues

Get your peace of mind back.

Give us a call, and you’ll feel good knowing your building is safe and watertight — and looks good too.

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