Clean up your facade
(and your bottom line) with power washing

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Does your building look like any of these?

dirty brick wall
dirty brick building
water damaged bricks

If so...

Your dirty, stained facade is costing you... big time...

Do you...

need to get ready for
a bank appraisal?

worry about turning off
tenants, residents, or

want an updated, refreshed
look that impresses
prospective tenants?


People don’t want to live — or invest — in a building that looks grimy and neglected.


With one power washing, you can create a brilliant, like-new facade…

a facade that attracts the tenants, residents, or investors you need.


Power washing is a high-pressure chemical treatment that uses advanced machinery to rip out bacteria and deep-clean crevices.

So you get a facade that shines.


Algae, rust, efflorescence? There are millions of stain types, and each one needs a different killer. Our chemists test a sample on your building, determine the stain culprits, then draw from 30+ chemicals to create the most potent mix.

So you get the brightest possible result.

We’ve power washed buildings for dozens of happy owners.

Some before/afters of our work:

dirty retaining wallscleaned retaining walls
dirty brick stepspowerwashed brick steps
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Do I need power washing?

If you want your building to show in the very best light, then yes.

Especially if you’re trying to:

Get a

Refinance your
building loan

Secure your
HUD eligibility

Satisfy HUD

Attract tenants
or residents

STOP cringing every
time you look at your

"The inspection went great and the buildings look good as new"

I’ve used Royal Treatment in the past for building maintenance and was extremely happy and satisfied with their work. However I wasn’t able to see their true excellence until I had a bank inspection out of state, where they required us to remove algae and growth from our exterior walls. After trying everything and calling several local vendors without success, I called Royal Treatment in a panic that the inspection is next week and I must have the situation rectified immediately or suffer a fine.
Royal Treatment came out and finished the job that day!!  The inspection went great and the buildings look good as new. I rely on Sol and his team to get the job done right the first time!


CUE Residential LLC.

It’s time to
come clean.


Tenants and
residents who are
ready to move in

Businesses that
are eager to rent
office space

Investors who
are excited to
put up capital

With power washing, we’ll make your building look spotless and welcoming.

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