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Harnessing the Power of Effectiveness: Embracing Change and Reinvention

I’m no covid-19 expert (doubt there are any out there) but as a business owner, I have experienced and observed that covid put every organization on earth at the same starting line FROZEN

What I would like to discuss is my observations once the movement began after the frozen period began, is how people responded.   

Some took the direction of downsizing satisfied with slow and boring days watching the news and waiting for this shindig to be over- Good luck!

The others just collected on PPP loans and closed shop-God bless you guys good luck on your next endeavor.   

Others are surviving staying with the same services same size same business and fingers have been crossed since March-(it’s hard holding your breath don’t try to win this competition the record in Guinness book is 24 minutes). 

Now here is the important part, the organizations, and people who understood/stand that the world changed as we know it and know they MUST reinvent and disrupt their old ways of operations. They have taken massive action by only focusing on reinventing and being super proactive and changing will survive and good chance thrive. 


Now you ought to ask yourself:

Have I been highly proactive in reinventing myself / or my organization?

Have I tried radically new ideas for my management or product or services? 

What can I do today that my customers will be eager to pay us for in this environment? 

You get where I’m going with this- STOP BEING EFFICIENT START BEING EFFECTIVE!

P.S. We are hiring for an EFFECTIVE Sales Executive 😉