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Making the Right Choice: Selecting a Trustworthy Facade Contractor

If your property is pursuing a preventative maintenance project, or it is already in the stages of repair, hiring the right contractor will make or break a successful endeavor or not. Generally speaking, facades of 1 or 2 story buildings are easier to detect and see, touch, and understand its issues. The problems begin with 3 stories and higher. It is very challenging for an owner, asset manager, or property manager to visualize or touch the issues and have all the necessary data to embark on a large facade project.

Say you have multiple leaks on the 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th floors on the Northside of your building, and on the 4th 6th & 9th floors on the Eastside of the building and one beneath the penthouse deck. 

Now you wonder, is there a common issue that is causing all of the leaks, or is it multiple issues?

Can the roof be the cause too?  

Are any other areas of the building that have this issue? 

Will it shortly be leaking in another tenant’s area?

Is there a fix for these issues that we won’t need to worry about for the next 5 years?  

After we finish this project how do I know the issue was resolved?  

Here is when good decisions and hiring are critical. You can call down a few facade contractors and hope from their scope of work and suggestions, the general problem is solved.  This would be made based on your gut feeling and who you “feel” can help you most- “fingers crossed”. Or, you can call a facade contractor that will document the problem, provide the decision makers with photos, diagrams, elevations specs, and a very clear understanding of the issues of the complete building, a clear diagnosis for the issues, and a strategy for the solutions. Now that all the data and solutions are clearly explained and verified, you can confidently hire this contractor knowing what the underlying issues are, how it will be repaired, to ensure the building will be sealed for years to come. 

In my books, that’s money well spent. At Royal Treatment we guarantee you will spend your money wisely 

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