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Era of Buildings’ Construction: 1960s-1980s

Type of Units: 150-550 apartments, studio to 3 bedroom (garden style)

Our client, a large property management company based in New Jersey, manages numerous properties all over New Jersey, Maryland, New York, and Florida. A majority of the properties they purchased show significant signs of wear and tear as evidence of not being properly maintained.

Many of their properties in New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland were built between the 1960 and 1980. The property retaining walls were covered with moss and siding was covered in vines. Royal Treatment was hired to spruce up their properties by removing the moss and vines before repainting the building exteriors. 

How can my property make a great first impression?

First impressions are everything.When tenants and prospects arrive onto a property, the first thing they see is the exterior. Before prospective tenants stop by the leasing office for a tour, they always take a lap around the property to see how it looks and feels, before seeing the amenities or the interiors.

“A tenant can get a perfect feel for the building’s management style by how the buildings look.”

For our first job with this client Aaron, Director of Operations, personally surveyed the property making recommendations and a project plan.

“Royal Treatment communicated well with our office and tenants to make sure everyone closed their windows and pulled their furniture off balconies to prevent any personal possessions from being damaged. 

“Their team went building by building, retaining wall by retaining wall, sidewalk by sidewalk, and cleaned it all up.”

The result of investing in repairs? Tenant occupancy increased almost 20%.

After we removed the moss and vines, and power washed the stains with a proprietary blend of chemicals, the building looked good as new!

When we finished, our client reported that “the retaining walls and siding looked like they had been put on within the last year”. Our work really sharpened up the property and made a major difference.

“Since our management company implemented Royal Treatment’s exterior maintenance solutions, we’ve had great success with attracting and retaining tenants.”
“Before we hired Royal Treatment, we were seeing occupancy in the low- to mid-80% range. 18 months after Royal Treatment’s repairs, we’re at 98% occupancy.”

Many property management companies only want to spend money to add amenities (like landscaping and basketball courts), so they miss the opportunity to create optimal first impressions with exterior cleaning and repairs. When exterior maintenance is overlooked, tenants may see the new basketball court, but they also see peeling paint, graffiti, and water damage, so they take their business elsewhere.

When Royal Treatment turns around distressed properties, not only is the tenant feedback fantastic, but our clients’ properties stand head-and-shoulders above the competing properties in their market.

“The value of investing in repairs – even subtle modernization of light fixtures, railings, and siding – is immediate and significant.”

“Even the quality of the staff and the quality of their work improves. When they see how you invest in your properties, they want to work for you in return.”

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